A Leap of Faith

In 2013, I jumped out of an airplane to celebrate 1 year sober. It was a leap of faith similar to that of the day I surrendered to my disease of Alcoholism.


Both leaps were frightening and exhilarating. What I experienced in the first year of sobriety is that letting go of trying to control my obsession to drink was like being freed from chains. Skydiving seemed to be the most comparable experience- letting go and trusting those that supported me as I broke free into unfamiliar territory .

I requested a longer free fall moments before we stepped out into nothingness. I had a longing for the physical feeling of completely letting go – free of anything holding me down and keeping me stuck.

It’s hard to describe just how exhilarating this experience was; I could say it was euphoria. It was as if I was being born again into a healthier body, mind and soul.

The day I surrendered to alcoholism, was the most important leap of faith I ever took.

I’m grateful I took that jump.

3 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith

    1. I think I needed to actually physically give up control and trust that my tandem jumper would bring me down safely. A metaphor for how I surrendered all my control/Will to drink over to a higher power of my understanding, and I was free!

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