New Podcast Episode: “Finding Peace in Sobriety as an Autism Mom”, with Gabby

Episode 8 With Gabby


My guest today is Gabby, from Recovering Artfully . She is an Autism Mom and Sober.

She shares about difficult personal experiences in active addiction including a suicide attempt, and her courageous work to change her program of recovery, with the help of another alcoholic.  She shares her gratitudes in sobriety including an improved relationship with her husband, and becoming a more present mother to her son with Autism.

I love Gabby’s story because it is an example of how when we, as parents, make positive progress through sobriety, our children make progress, too.

For Gabby, getting sober gave her a better and more manageable life. It also meant finding peace in recovery as an Autism Mom.

I can really identify with Gabby’s story. I have 2 children with Autism. For me, getting sober meant no more blaming myself for my childrens’ challenges.

In my experience, drinking alcohol was a coping mechanism for issues in my life. One of those issues was coping with my own insecurities and fears with being an Autism Mom.  In recovery, I developed the tools that helped me parent with more confidence and selflessness……, and I see the positive results in my children today.

If you are parent who is struggling, it is never too late to ask for help.

If you have a child with Autism and need help, call The American Autism Association at 877 654 GIVE

For help with addiction or mental health issues, call 800 662 HELP.


Sober Gratitudes- a podcast dedicated to delivering messages of hope through true stories of recovery. A sober and happy life is possible if you truly want it!

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