My Mission

The purpose of my blog is to show how getting sober is more than just putting down the drink. After my alcohol obsession was lifted, I learned so much about myself, why I drank in the first place, healed my insides and became a calmer, more relaxed woman.

I worked hard to keep the secret of my addiction, so I vowed I would work hard on my recovery. Therapy and AA meetings have helped me change for the better.

Once a shell of a person, silently and secretively suffering through life, I came to a crossroads and was blessed with the chance to evolve more deeply into the person I am called to be. My life is free of dysfunctional drama and chaos. I do not obsess over regrets of my past, nor do I look into the future with fear. I live one day at a time, grateful for each moment I am alive. I am free and I am at peace with who I am.

Through sharing mine and guest writer’s experiences, I hope to spread hope and end stigmas about mental health and addiction.