Podcast Episodes

*Sober Gratitudes Podcast does not promote any specific type of recovery program. The views of the guests are entirely their own.

Season 1 

January 1, 2020, Sober Gratitudes Podcast Launches 3 episodes

Episode 1: The birth of Sober Gratitudes, by your host! Click here to listen to my Story


Episode 2: Paul Silva, from Paul Silva Coaching“Life with No Artificial Filters”

Click here to listen to my conversation with Paul


Episode 3: Julia Ann Davidson, from @julie__ann__davidson“The Joy of Self Discovery”

Click here to listen to my conversation with Julie


Episode 4: Brad DeRoma, from @just_brad_mmxv “Letting Go Gave Me Power” Scheduled 1/8/20


Episode 5: Manny, from  Manny Bickel Instagram account Sobriety In The Face Of Cancer

Scheduled 1/15/20

Click here to listen to Episode


Episode 6: Clay, from Instagram Account, sarcastic.aa.book “Living a Life That Was Worth Saving.”

Scheduled 1/22/20

Episode #6 with Clay





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